The Research Coach™ is a suite of products, services and tools designed for small business and companies looking for affordable marketing research solutions that drive actionable insights leading to change for success.

  • Marketing Research Workshops with DIY tools and templates
  • Affordable qualitative and quantitative products
  • Syndicated and hybrid studies
  • Consultancy: see rate card below

If you would like to participate in our next workshop on marketing research, November 30th,  at The Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, contact:
Paula Simm or Louise Sheedy




4 Hour Consulting Package
(2x 2 hours).
– Homework given with coaching, tools and some templates.


Coach 10

10 Hour Consulting Package
(flexible in 1 hour intervals).
– Coaching, supporting tools and templates.


We Search

Desktop searches accessing extensive databases.

$100 – $150/hr


Custom qualitative and quantitative

From $5000