BenchStrength, a boutique marketing research consultancy, engages human centered design techniques and agile principles to uncover actionable insights that leverage change for success.

Our Approach

At BenchStrength, we put customers at the heart of the research project. Our expertise, agile thinking and methodologies help uncover valuable intelligence that manifests the research intent, turning your challenges into opportunities.

BSR Approach 1


Problem definition, and honing in on the key questions the research must answer is critical to realizing the strategic objective and business vision for success.

BSR Approach 2


We create integrated research studies deploying human centered design principles and agile techniques to tease out insights and surface game changing strategic intelligence.

BSR Approach 3


Our goal is to create actionable insights, anchored on the voice of the customer and your business vision to deliver value to your bottom line.

Our Team

our team

We are hybrid practitioners, insights professionals from business, marketing research and academia. We empathize and advocate for the customer. Our bench is tailored to meet your challenge, bringing in experts and collaborators, as we need them. Because we are always evolving and adding new talent, we offer a diverse perspective resulting in game changing insights.

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Our Services

We are great at the art of disclosure and deliver this through thought leadership and expert deployment of research tools. Our tools are always evolving through the fusion of proven market research techniques with the latest innovations in the industry. Fusion enables multi-modal data points that reveal powerful strategic intelligence for clients. Click on an icon to learn more.

Let’s Talk

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We hope you liked what you have seen of BenchStrength. If you would like to contact us right away, please send us an email. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you leverage change for success, we would love to catch up with you over a coffee.

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