Ever been up against it, your product launch imminent and no creative! Need creative that resonates with your consumers and research at an affordable price?

We can help agencies test a battery of creative platforms fast, getting feedback earlier with creatives back on task for round 2.

Our expertise comes from years of experience exploring advertising concepts across a broad spectrum of clients, fusing this experience with strategy and marketing research, all served up on an agile platform!

We know human behaviour, we understand brands and are practiced researchers in the gathering and analysis of consumer feedback in the creative and design space, and are able to provide an objective forum for exploring and developing concepts throughout the creative process, pre and post production. Our method is iterative and experimental in order to maximize learning and to uncover the emotional responses and insights that make or break your ideas with your target audience.

Our Ad Qual Accelerator™ methodology helps to:

  • Build more robust creative platforms and concepts and reduce the risk of
    creative compromise or failure.
  • Test drive concepts with customer feedback much earlier in the creative development process.
  • Provide clear direction for optimizing concepts that powerfully leverage the voice of the customer throughout the experience.
  • Build a customer lexicon for communication platforms.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Increase speed to production and market.
  • Accelerate the creative development process.

For more information on The Ad Qual Accelerator™, please contact Paula Simm or Louise Sheedy .