So…, you’ve just brainstormed some great ideas and need to create and evaluate a battery of concepts or prototypes fast, sheltered from the views of
the CEO and other overly interested stakeholders!

We advocate slowing down to speed up. We believe in failing fast and early, testing concepts with your target customer and applying the learning to build robust concepts that stand a better chance of making the grade.

Our process is based on human centered design methodologies and agile principles. It is iterative and leverages experimentation to explore, refine and qualify ideas for prototyping and testing.

Our rapid prototyping methodology helps to:

  • Build more robust prototypes and maximize the learning outcomes from failure and experimentation to minimize risk.
  • Test drive concepts and prototypes with customer feedback much earlier in the process, allowing for failure and learning at the second floor rather than the twenty second floor!
  • Provide clear direction for optimizing concepts that powerfully leverage the voice of the customer throughout the proto-typing experience.
  • Build a customer lexicon for communication platforms.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Increase speed to market.
  • Accelerate the innovation process for client and customer with win/ win outcomes.

For more information on how we can The Rapid Prototyper™ for qualitative and quantitative research solutions, please contact Paula Simm or Louise Sheedy .